Baby Azuki Social Club Story

Imagine that the bean opens and reveals a baby Azuki with its qualities and particularities that make it unique!
He is welcomed in his Minka to begin his apprenticeship, discover a philosophy, an ancestral culture.
Each child will evolve in his own story with his personality, until he becomes an adult...


0% - START

Welcome to Baby Azuki Social Club! We are launching this collection of very original 1O OOO NFT game inspired by Azuki on Avax with over 300 traits and rarities.

For this first step, the goal is 2500 members on the discord. As soon as this number is reached, we will draw 20 Winners of a Bean that will allow them to reveal a Baby Azuki Social Club and the most active will have the privilege of being WL.


As soon as we reach 5,000 members on Discord, we will launch a major advertising campaign on all social networks in partnership with various communication media from the Avax community and the Nft world, as well as influencers.

20% - PRESALE 🎖️

The WL will reward the earliest and most active! 5OO places will be reserved for them.

30% - LIVE MINT "bean"

We will open the mint live WL will have access 1O minutes before raffle time

40% - Reveal of your "Beans"

Following the reveal, we will be offering an exceptional gift to holders of the collection's Rarest Revealed NFT or its Crypto equivalent!

The 10 holders of the 10 rarest Baby Azuki Social Club NFTs in the collection (apart from the 20 Baby previously offered) will each win $5,000 in crypto and a privileged place in the Social Club


Implementation of secondary market royalties on NfTrade and Kalao (pre-certified upstream)


Staking of your Baby to receive $BASC (10% of the mint money reserved to seed the liquidity pool, and reward in $BASC to those who feed the pool) + injection of 70% of the royalties in LP

Many media articles to tell the story of Baby Azuki Social Club

List of $BASC on Dex

More influencers on board to help accelerate development and growth (10% of mint money set aside to grow the community)

70% - Opening of the Social Club

Things are getting serious!

At this stage we will offer all holders (and only them) to be part of the very private circle of Baby Azuki Social Club

They will be able to participate in decisions for the rest of the adventure, meet at VIP evenings organized by the TEAM and have exclusive advantages as a member during very special events.

80% - START of Baby Azuki Social Club 1.0 with WEB3 DEVELOPMENT

Accessory design contest and opening of the market in $BASC which will allow you to be part of the Clan

90% exceptional Mint

May 5 on Children's Day in Japan, lands on BASC Map with the possibility of acquiring your plot around the world to build, cultivate your beans, train on your land and found your MINKA: the first pioneers will be rewarded!



Welcome to the World of Baby Azuki Social Club! We will build together an open world on an ancient philosophy, where you can use your NFT as a skin and your resources will bring you the possibility to play mini games! You will then be able to interact with other communities around the world and participate in the development of your Baby on Metaverse and thus allow them to grow